Norman Rockwell Museum
Address: 601 Walnut Street
Phone: (215) 922-4345
Hours: Monday through Saturday 10:00am-4:00pm, Sunday 11:00am-4:00pm


Norman Rockwell Museum

601 Walnut Street, lower level
Philadelphia, PA 19106

(215) 922-4345
Hours: Monday through Saturday 10:00am-4:00pm, Sunday 11:00am-4:00pm

Admission: $2.00
Norman Rockwell is considered by many art critics and fans alike as being the master of depicting everyday American life. His paintings evoke nostalgia and invite us to envision a world of true Americana, where barbers cut hair on Main Street and everyone is filled with childlike innocence. Over the years, no other artist can quite compare to Rockwell, and the Norman Rockwell Museum houses a magnificent collection of his works.

Housed in the Curtis Publishing Company Building, which is where Rockwell brought his art to his editors of the famed Saturday Evening Post, the museum gloriously displays the world’s largest collection of his original art. His entire run of Post covers, which numbers almost three hundred and fifty, are available, as are countless other prints, lithographs, and artists’ sketches. It really is awe-inspiring to see such a level of consistence in his work; each piece is just as detailed and captures just as much emotion as the next, and to see them all in one place at one time is a real treat.

In addition, the museum features a replica of Rockwell’s studio, from which he created all of his masterpieces. A video is also available to guests, detailing the life and times of the artist as well as more of his work. It should also be noted that the building features an amazing mural designed from a Maxwell Parrish painting and created by the famed Tiffany Studios. The mural, a mosaic, features glass in over two hundred colors, and the size and scope of the piece is something to behold.

We cannot recommend the Norman Rockwell Museum highly enough. This is an art museum for both seasoned veterans and newcomers alike, because Rockwell’s work is something that everyone can instantly relate to. The presentation of the art is second to none, and the mural in the lobby is icing on the cake. No art lover’s visit to Philadelphia would be complete without a stop at the Norman Rockwell Museum.




Adult: $2
Child: $2
Senior: $2

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